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It’s a great time to be a resident of O’Fallon. Our city is on the move. Private investment in our city is at an all time high with the new St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, McKendree Metrorecplex, Visionary Wealth Advisors, Menard’s, Gander Mountain, Academy Sports, Starbuck’s, Aldi, Marriott Hotel, expanded car dealerships, new restaurants and local businesses like Fezziwigs, Holly Hock’s, Peel Wood Fired Pizza Sweet Katie Bee’s, Courage and Grace, Shooter’s and more!

front121Because of this private investment, our city has been able to add revenue through increased sales tax revenue. This has afforded our City Finance Management Team to meet our City’s needs and while maintaining the highest bond rating in the region with a AA plus rating and continued investment in our infrastructure.

We should be proud that businesses are choosing O’Fallon, which is helping to generate improved medical, retail, entertainment, dining and financial services for our residents at the same time grow our revenue base.

Maintain AA Plus Bond & Credit Rating with Fiscal Responsibility Litmus Test. The fiscal management of your tax dollars will be the core focus of my administration as mayor. O’Fallon currently boasts an AA Plus Rating from Standard and Poors. The city has earned this high rating for the responsible fiscal management of our city’s $98 million annual budget. As mayor I will implement the “Fiscal Responsibility Litmus Test” on every expenditure proposed by the City. If the expenditure will hurt our credit rating – it will be not see the light of day.

Limit Borrowing and Reduce City’s Debt. Every family knows there are times when you need to make an investment to maintain the proper running and value of your home like replacing a roof or heating/cooling system, remodeling a kitchen or expanding with a room addition.

Like you, the city of O’Fallon has made smart investments to improve our infrastructure as the city has grown. Those improvements included the construction of three new water towers to keep the quality of our water delivery system at peak performance, the construction of our state of the art Public Safety and Police Department on Seven Hills Road, the new Fire Station on Venita Drive, the Family Sports Park and more. Each of these projects were studied, scoped and built using conservative fiscal funding with dedicated funding streams to pay off the bonds used to build these much needed infrastructure improvements.

As mayor, I pledge to continue to pay down the City’s debt and limit any additional borrowing so that the fiscal state of our city remains strong and the rating agencies continue to recognize O’Fallon for its conservative debt to asset ratio.