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OFALLON, IL – Mayoral Candidate Phil Goodwin further outlined his Property Tax Relief Plan today that will save O’Fallon Homeowners 18% off their tax levy in the first year should Goodwin become elected Mayor.

“Our city is on the move,” Goodwin stated. “Private investment in our city is at an all time high with the new Menard’s, Gander Mountain, and Academy Sports helping to lead our increase in sales tax revenue.”

Since 2013, the City’s sales tax revenue has been increased by 10.05 percent from $6.91 million to $7.63 million in 2016.  Based on the current trend, the city is on pace to generate an additional 3.75-4% each year – growing another 12-16% by 2021.

“This growth has afforded our City Finance Management Team to meet our City’s needs while maintaining the highest bond rating in the region with a AA plus rating and maintain a healthy reserve in order to meet the continued investment in our infrastructure,” said Goodwin.  “Now is the time to give back to our residents.”

Goodwin stated that his Property Tax Relief Plan would dedicate $1 million annually over the next four years from the City’s surplus reserves toward property tax relief in addition to dedicating 20% of all new sales tax revenue toward property tax relief each year.

“This plan returns money back to the homeowners and still keeps a healthy reserve for our city to remain in strong financial condition,” Goodwin said.

According to the City’s Financial Tax statement published on the City’s Website, the 2016 Tax Levy is approximately $5.7 million.  Should the City Council pass the Goodwin Tax Relief Plan, the levy would be reduced by 18.2% to $4.6 million.

This would reduce the tax levy on a $200,000 home from $590 a year to $482 in the first year.

“I am the only candidate who believes we can continue to grow our city and provide relief to the residents of O’Fallon,” Goodwin said.  “My opponent on the other hand is busy voting against growth and blocking expansion of existing businesses that generate sales tax revenue.”

Goodwin cited Roach’s recent vote against the Dollar General’s request to build a new expanded facility in O’Fallon as just one example of Roach’s anti-development record.

“We have to keep working to attract and expand retail businesses in O’Fallon so that we can grow our sales tax base to become less reliant on property tax revenue,” Goodwin stated.  “As Mayor, I will make sure we do that so that all residents will benefit.”

Phil Goodwin currently serves as the O’Fallon City Clerk managing the record growth of the city’s more than 800 businesses and 30,000 residents since 2001.  He is a retired US Air Force Colonel, who flew over 125 combat missions and is the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross.  He is a successful businessman, having founded Phil Goodwin and Associates in downtown O’Fallon.  He and his wife Johnnie Lynn have five children and have lived in O’Fallon for over 40 years.