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One of the most important things we need to do is to maintain the professional management of our city. As mayor, I will work to keep the professionalism of our city staff operating at the highest standard.

RECRUIT AND MAINTAIN EDUCATED, SKILLED CITY MANAGEMENT. As mayor, I will keep politics out of the hiring process. I will work to ensure that our staff meets is qualified to perform their duties so that every need of our residents and businesses are met. From the head of the Department to the frontline worker I will make sure that each person who works for the city understands they work for the residents, are accountable to the residents and serve the residents.

OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GOVERNANCE. The only way to ensure we will be successful is to have open and honest communications with our citizens. As mayor, I will always answer that call no matter when it is, just as I have throughout my life as a Colonel in the Air Force or the owner of an Insurance Business. When I make a commitment, you will be able to count on me to deliver.