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As our city continues to grow, I will make sure our city’s infrastructure keeps pace ensuring we offer our residents and businesses the best transportation and public works services in the region.

Repave our City Streets. As mayor, I will implement a program to repave the streets in our City that are in most need. I will work with our County Officials, our State House and Senate Elected Officials and the Illinois Department of Transportation to secure funding to bring our state tax dollars back to O’Fallon to improve our streets.


Improve Storm Water Drainage in Historic O’Fallon’s Presidential Streets. As Mayor, I will work with our Public Works department to ensure progress continues to be made to correct mistakes by past administrations that date back to the 1940’s when drainage ditches were filled in on the presidential streets causing major storm water drainage and sewer issues for today’s homeowners in our historic downtown district. I empathize with the homeowners when damage occurs. I want them to know I will be a partner with them to continue to address this important city priority.

Major Roadway Thoroughfare Traffic Improvements. As our city grows, so does the traffic. This is especially true on Greenmount Road, Central Park Plaza, Frank Scott Parkway, Highway 50 and more. As mayor, I will work to ensure we are making the proper road improvements to reduce traffic congestion and keep these growing areas attractive to developers. I will maximize our local funding to secure state and federal funding as well as work with the private developers to reduce the financial impact on the taxpayers of O’Fallon.

Water and Sewer Department Maintenance. One of the greatest assets of our city is our Water and Waste Water Treatment Department. As mayor, I will work to ensure we maintain the highest quality water delivery system to our community by keeping our facility up to date and ensuring our experienced water department employees continue to deliver the high standard of work our residents have come to expect.