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One of the greatest needs we have in O’Fallon is to increase citizen engagement to help make our city a better and brighter place to live, work, play and pray. I believe in service to others and have made it a cornerstone of my life.

From serving my country in the Air Force for 38 year where I flew over 125 combat missions to serving as a lifelong member of Rotary Club, to serving our Veterans through the VFW, to mentoring a student every Monday at Joseph Arthur Middle School in Central School District for the past 20 years, I believe we have a responsibility to give back.

Create a Volunteer Movement. As mayor I want to create a volunteer movement in our city that call people of all ages into service of others. Community service will be the centerpiece of my administration. I will work with existing service organizations, schools and faith communities in our city to identify needs and recruit individuals to assist them in their mission. I will call for a Volunteer Summit when I take office to bring individuals and groups together to create a fleet of volunteers that will carry our city into the future through compassion, care and service to others. We will specifically work to help Veterans, At risk youth, and Seniors.