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Our Police Department, Fire Department and EMS Department are among the best in the region. And our residents have recognized their efforts. 97 percent of residents said they feel safe and secure in O’Fallon through the 2015 Citizen Survey. When a community feels safe, more residents will build or buy a home and more businesses will open. Keeping our city safe and secure will be paramount to maintaining our quality of life.


HIRE MORE POLICE AND SAFETY OFFICERS. As mayor, the top budget item for me will be to increase our police force by hiring and training more officers. Nothing is more important than to make sure our residents and businesses are safe. It is estimated that more than 260,000 patients will be coming to the new St. Elizabeth’s Campus beginning in 2017. That’s in addition to the new traffic that has been generated from the Family Sport Park and new businesses locating along Interstate 64. Furthermore, O’Fallon has approved plans by local developers to build over 450 new homes, which will bring new residents. As such we need to maintain our reputation of being a safe and secure community. And we will do that by hiring more highly trained police.

INVEST IN TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT. A police, fire and ems department is only as good as its people and the tools they are provided to help protect our people and our property. As mayor, I will work with all three departments to identify their needs so that we can use the latest technology to keep our city safe as well as our officers as they perform their duties to protect our city.

MAINTAIN LEADERSHIP IN EMERGENCY DISPATCH CENTER. Because of O’Fallon’s excellent leadership in law enforcement, our Public Safety Center is now the regional dispatch center for the region, serving Fairview Heights and Shiloh. As mayor, I will work with our surrounding municipalities to ensure they are sharing in the expense of maintaining our state of the art dispatch center and work to collaborate with them to keep the cost of providing essential emergency services intact and performing.